Recently there has been a growing interest in alternatives to violence even at the level of long-term
political activists. In fact these activists and community leaders have specifically expressed their
dissatisfaction with the cycle of violence and its results, and requested information and training for active

MEND, having built its reputation on a holistic and creative approach to violence in schools, has taken this
approach further to reach the general population. Working through film, the internet, radio, bumper
stickers, posters, and news advertisements, MEND has changed the local attitude to nonviolence from one
of scepticism or dismissal (when MEND was first established in 1998) to one of interest and appreciation - so that now even the Palestinian President talks about nonviolence. If there can be a visible nonviolence
movement, this will give hope to all those on both sides who fear the cycle of violence and cannot see
any partners for peace.


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RIGHTS FIRST Project 2013

Working with five schools in East Jerusalem, the Rights First project, launched by MEND with funding from Finn Church Aid, has begun training teachers in a curriculum that promotes a culture of human rights among Palestinian youth.

In a demoralized city like East Jerusalem, the education system plays an important role in motivating youth citizens, inspiring them with hope and dreams for the future.

The project works with five schools in East Jerusalem (from different education systems) with two teachers from each school and a selected group of students in grades 10-11.

The curriculum, which has been developed over four years in close coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, will provide a systematic approach to human rights, which will also help to promote some of the Millennium Development Goals, namely 1 (elimination of extreme poverty) and 3 (elimination of gender discrimination).