Gender Pilot Project ( May - December 2018)

The main goal of the project was to create a model for authentic advocacy and monitoring for marginalized women that can be used to enable them to be heard at all levels and also as a tool to build community. As a “Gender Pilot Project”, the focus of the advocacy was to be around issues of gender, as opposed to the overall political situation. Six refugee women from the Shu’fat Refugee Camp were enabled to acquire self-awareness, self-confidence and video-making skills on the camera as well as on mobile phones via Participatory Video training. The participants were given technical training via games on how to use the camera and they produced four films, on subjects they had chosen and developed. Each film was then edited and subtitles were added, and there were four showings and discussions, two in the refugee camp and two outside.The final meeting of the project also included a film of the “making of” and a short film of the discussions and feedback from the audiences. This was attended by representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs and of the Ministry of Education, where the films and the discussion so impressed the Ministry of Women’s affairs that they said they would change their policy to include working in the Palestinian refugee camps, an area they have not worked before. This project has been funded by PAX.

Check out the films made the women:

Recycling as Art

The dangers of early marriage

Rahaf's Love - Dabka

Interview about women's issues in Shu'fat Camp

معلومات عنا

في الآونة الأخيرة ، كان هناك اهتمام متزايد ببدائل العنف حتى على مستوى طويل الأجل

نشطاء سياسيين. في الواقع ، لقد عبر هؤلاء النشطاء وقادة المجتمع على وجه التحديد

عدم الرضا عن دورة العنف ونتائجها ، وطلب معلومات وتدريب نشط





MEND ، بعد أن بنى سمعتها على نهج كلي وخلاق للعنف في المدارس ، وقد اتخذت هذا

مزيد من النهج للوصول إلى عامة السكان. العمل من خلال الفيلم ، الإنترنت ، الراديو ، الوفير

الملصقات ، والملصقات ، والإعلانات الإخبارية ، غيرت MEND الموقف المحلي تجاه اللاعنف من واحدة

من الشك أو الفصل (عندما تم تأسيس MEND لأول مرة في عام 1998) إلى واحد من الاهتمام والتقدير - بحيث الآن الرئيس الفلسطيني يتحدث عن اللاعنف. إذا كان يمكن أن يكون هناك عنف واضح

هذه الحركة ستعطي الأمل لكل من يخافون من دائرة العنف ولا يرون

أي شركاء من أجل السلام


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